Friday, December 13, 2013

An Exotic, Romantic Adventure: Holiday in Paradise

I'd like to introduce Holiday in Paradise, an S. Cuppari Romance Mini. For a little romantic adventure, check it out. Purchase links and a book trailer link is listed below.

Holiday in Paradise:
Sabina Calli is in Vanuatu for a summer holiday. Two of her friends tag along for the week but when they return home to new jobs, Sabina's future is left undecided. That is, until her summer holiday turns into a hunt for treasure - Star of the Sea, a precious diamond that belongs to the Vanuatu people.

Max Callaway is living the bachelor life as he takes in the surf and works at the local bar. But it is not all a bed of roses as he sees suspicious behavior from his boss, Steveo, in connection to the Star of the Sea. He joins forces with Sabina to find it. Can this diamond bring them closer together or is it too hot to handle?


"S. Cuppari Romance Minis" is a new romance line dedicated to reading romances on the go as they are romance novellas jam-packed with romance, mystery and adventure and are based in exotic locations around the world.


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Watch the Book Trailer Here