Monday, March 28, 2011

Rising Star on

Very excited to see that I'm featured as a 'rising star' on I love this site. I only recently discovered how great it is and now I'm hooked. It's another social media site with tons of writers on it. Check it out!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rain for the Book Fair

My small town of Ojai had it's first book fair, called WordFest, today as the kick off to a week long writer's conference. And, there was rain. Luckily, though, the rain was early in the morning and cleared away for most of the day until around 2 this afternoon. The books, with local author's books, were under canopies, so no books were water logged! It was a great event and they even closed down the street for the fair (told you it was a small town). I sold a few books and had a few nice conversations with visitors, so the day was very enjoyable. Now I'm home, warm and dry, as raindrops fall on the roof. Tomorrow is supposed to have very heavy rain, so glad we had the event today!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Book reading tomorrow night

I'm looking forward to my first book reading at a local author event tomorrow evening in Ojai, CA at the Art Center. There are five local authors, including me, who will read from their books as a preview event to the larger bookfair and writer's conference that starts March 19th. What fun to be involved with this wonderful event!

Women Freemasons

It's interesting to think that so many people, in fact most people, think that only men can truly be Freemasons. But that isn't true. There are various orders of Freemasonry that permit women, some are women-only, while others are 'mixed', enjoying the benefits of both genders. Co-Freemasonry as it is generally referred, is the best example of equality that I've seen in a long time. Men and women standing together in a lodge, gender and status-neutral. While Freemasonry may not be for everyone, it's wonderful to see that any woman interested in this pursuit is free to practice the craft.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sci-fi Novelette

I like to write in several genres and have a science fiction/futurist novelette coming out in e-book format in April. The publisher is designing the cover art now, which is an interesting process. They asked for input from me, such as what I'd like to see on the cover, and then will go from there, sending me what they come up with later on. It's nice to be involved like that. I'll announce the story when it's available and maybe I can get some comments :)