Sunday, April 21, 2013

Author Interview: Christy Newton

I will be posting author interviews as I get them. My first interview is with romance author Christy Newton talking about writing her debut novel, Stolen Hearts.

SDG: Welcome, Christy and thank you for taking the time to do the interview. Can you tell me a little about yourself?
CN: Hi Sofia, thank you for having me on your blog. I live in Indiana and I started writing seriously about 14 months ago. Writing is my job and I love it.

SDG: What inspired you to write this book?

CN: This was my first book, though it was revised so many times. I wrote about things I would enjoy reading. My characters Cammie and Simon came to me in a dream. I fell in love with them and had to tell their story.

SDG: What was your approach to writing it (did it just flow or did you use an outline or other preparatory method)?

CN:I am a pantser for sure! I didn't do an outline, though I knew where my story was headed the whole time writing it. I am a fan of Post-it notes so those are stuck all over my wall.

SDG: How long did it take to write the complete novel from first draft to edited final?

CN:I am going to guess almost a year. There were other stories written in between the revisions. Happy to say, I've gotten much faster.

SDG: Do you have critique partner and do you think they are important?

CN:Yes! My critique partner, Danielle, is awesome!

SDG: Can you tell us a little about your book and if you have had book signings or readings?

CN:Stolen Hearts is my debut book and is estimated to come out in ebook sometime in June and in print sometime in fall. Stolen Hearts is romantic suspense. Simon is a mysterious ex-jewel thief turned bodyguard. He rescues Cammie, a woman that has had the most horrible things happen to her. They are both broken people that crave adventure and complement each other well.

SDG: Is your family supportive of your writing and what do they think about your writing career?

CN:Oh my goodness, yes! If they weren't I couldn't do this. My husband encourages me to write and my daughters cheer me on. My mom is my biggest fan and keeps me positive. My brother is also supportive.

SDG: Do you have any advice or words of wisdom for budding writers?

CN: My advice is to fit time in to read. You won't get better if you leave that step out. Don't make excuses, just sit your tushie down and write!

SDG: What are you working on now? Is it in the same genre?

CN: I am currently working on the third book in the Cammie and Simon series.

SDG: What is the best time for you to write and does it ever interfere with your day job, if you have one? Also, how long on average do you write each day?

CN: I don't really have a best time. Inspiration can strike at any moment so I just go with it. I try to write a couple of hours a day. The other time is spent on Facebook and Twitter or reading.

SDG: Is writing, to you, a lonely occupation?

CN: No way! My writing friends are what keep me going. I have met so many wonderful people on Twitter. If you think writing is lonely, talk to other writers. I've never met an unfriendly writer.
SDG: What is your website and where can readers purchase your book or books?

You can always check Front Porch Romance for updates:


Author website/social media sites:
CN: twitter @CNewtonAuthor


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