Monday, March 11, 2013

Busy is good

I like being busy, I really do. Not the housework kind of busy, that's no fun at all. In fact, you can't really call me a good, dedicated housekeeper. I figure I have better things to do than sweep or vacuum the floor. Sure, I'll do it when I need to, or when company is coming over, but otherwise, a little dust never hurt anyone. Well, maybe it would hurt an asthmatic, but I don't have asthma so it's okay. Besides, I have three hairless Sphynx cats, so there's definitely no cat hair sticking to the furniture or carpet. This allows me to justify not cleaning every day. I'm good at justifying things. Anyway, back to my main topic here...being busy. The kind of busy I enjoy most is the writer-type busy. And I am writer-busy right now. I am getting an historical romantic suspense novel published very soon and I'm still querying a couple other novels I've finished. And, I'm currently writing a New Adult novel. I'd only recently learned about this new genre, so thought I'd take a whack at writing a novel that falls squarely into the New Adult category. I've also written a few flash fictions, but haven't managed to get them published yet. I'll keep trying thought.

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